Investing 101
20 August 2023 | Momentum Realty

Buying for growth or yield

When buying an investment property – you’re generally buying to solve one of two needs – long-term capital growth, or passive income through rental yield.

Buying for growth:

When you buy for growth, you’re hoping to reap the value of the investment over the long term. You’ll likely have a higher cost to hold, as yields tend to be lower, but you’ll be rewarded with a high return when you sell the property.

Auckland is a good example of an area where you could buy for growth.

Buying for yield:

When you buy for yield, you tend to be looking to earn a passive income. Here, the rental yield is high relative to the purchase price meaning the property is positively geared either right for the start or will be in a relatively short time frame.

The downside is that these properties experience limited capital growth.

A region like Gisborne is an example of an area where you could buy for yield.

If you are buying one investment property, you’ll want to be clear on which one you’re buying for, but if you’re looking to build out a portfolio, it might be worth having a mix of both to meet both long-term and short-term financial needs.

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