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20 August 2023 | Momentum Realty

Why property? The power of leverage

The thing that makes property an amazing investment choice doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the property itself. What makes it amazing is the ability to use leverage to borrow money in order to purchase the property and benefit from gains on the full value of the property.

What does that look like?

Say you invested $100,000 in a managed fund that was earning an average of 5% annual return. This would get you a return of $5,000 (before fees and taxes).

But if you were to use that same $100,000 as a 20% deposit and borrow $400,000 to purchase a $500,000 property (if purchasing new) you’ll earn returns off the full $500,000. If we use the same return rate of 5%, you get $25,000 < this is what makes property investment powerful.

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Want to invest in property? You’ve come to the right place.

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